Cherry Blossoms in Soft Pastel, Finished

After adding details to the blossoms and branches, fine tuning the highlights and shadows, and doing some touching up it was time to step back and call it finished. Soft pastel only allows you to lay down so much on to the paper, and it is not a very detail oriented medium, so though I have the urge to keep messing, I have to force myself to step away and allow it to be a finished painting. I am very happy with how it came out. Though I will be selling this painting, I only trust it to be sold and picked up in person. Shipping it is just too sketchy. I will be selling Fine Art Giclee Prints (professionally printed on Fine Art Smooth Paper) in my Etsy shop soon. You can view my shop at 

Cherry Blossoms Soft Pastel marked

Cherry Blossoms in Soft Pastel

Stages of Creating a Soft Pastel painting.

This painting I am doing on Mi-Teites. It is approximately 25 x 20 inch painting. I didn’t photography the first stage of laying a basic background in. In this painting I want to keep the background dreamy, so I placed in blocks of color but no details. I want the main focus on the blossoms with the main focus being drawn down to the main open blossom at bottom left.

The first stage is simply laying in where everything is going, and placing the main color in. I couldn’t help myself though and went to work on the main blossom.




In this photo I show the addition of detail in the blossoms and farther in the branches as well.



I’ll finish adding details into the blossoms, and then do touch up work around the painting. I will be selling fine art prints of this painting. The painting itself may go up for sale. Soft pastel paintings are hard to ship due to the nature of pastel.


Cinnamon Bay, St John in Soft Pastel

I have been blessed with going to St. John in the US Virgin Islands twice now. I must add that it is only possible due to my brother and his family living there, so free lodging. Thank You! This is a soft pastel painting I did from a picture I took while there. This is soft pastel on Richeson’s Unison Premium Pastel Surface. The size is 11 x 14, and is framed under glass to protect the painting. Soft pastel does not dry like paints, so the surface is vulnerable to smudging if touched.

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Cinnamom Bay St John